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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why should I work with The Enchanted Princess Party Company?

Make Dreams Come True: How Hiring Our Princess Characters Can Bring Magic to Any Event 

When you book with us, we elevate your occasion to a new level of excellence. From our Broadway Style Musical Performances to our world class character interactions, you are sure to be left in awe and wonder! We help you to step into a world of enchantment and make dreams come true with princess characters, princes, superheroes, mascots, Santa, Celebrity impersonators and more. Whether it's a birthday party, corporate event, or special occasion, hiring princess characters or any of our 85 character options adds a touch of elegance and wonder that transports both children and adults to a fairytale realm.

Princess characters are not just for entertainment; they provide an unforgettable experience that creates lasting memories. From classic to modern princesses, these professional performers embody the grace, charm, and charisma of iconic princesses. They captivate audiences with enchanting storytelling, interactive games, and stunning singing performances. Imagine the awe in children's eyes as their favorite princess walks into the room, ready to share adventures and magical moments.

Beyond creating an enchanting atmosphere, princess characters also inspire children to believe in themselves and chase after their dreams. These role models teach important values like kindness, responsibility, leadership, and bravery, leaving a positive impact on young minds.

At The Enchanted Princess Party, we understand the importance of bringing fantasy and imagination to life. We offer a wide range of princess characters, each meticulously trained to ensure an authentic and captivating experience. Let us help you transform any event into something extraordinary, where dreams truly come true.

Question: What time should I have characters come?

We suggest that your character arrive 1 hr after your party start time. If you're planning to serve food, we suggest starting that right away and give time for any latecomers to come in and enjoy food as well. Then our characters will sing happy birthday with you and your guests towards the end of their visit. If everyone has already eaten, then they will be ready to enjoy cake! 

Question: What do the characters do?

Whether you're planning a Disney Princess Themed Birthday Party or need a Character Rental for a Party, we've got you covered. Click here to see some our performers in action on our Youtube Channel! Our party packages are listed under the Character pages which are linked below. Our experience is truly a production from start to finish! Click below for which character activities you'd like to see! Click here to head to our instagram page and hear some of our performers sing with our broadway style musical performances! 

Question: "Could you help me understand what makes your services unique?"

A lot goes into the making of one event or party. From our insurance, admins, wig stylists, and seamstresses, to our booking software, website maintenance, social media marketing, party supplies and training, we choose options that will make this the best experience for you!

In addition, I hire only professional performers to be a part of our cast. About 20 hours goes into training each performer that is already a professional. This is why our party is experience is as excellent as it is! 

Because we hire only professional Musical Theatre Performers and Actors, we are able to provide stellar Broadway Style Musical Performances in all of our Princess Packages. Click here to hear some of our amazing performers!

At The Enchanted Princess Party, we understand the importance of details. We create an enchanting atmosphere from start to finish. We've often heard "You are worth every penny!" or "You aren't charging enough for what you do!" These are the highest compliments we could receive and we know you will be amazed by your experience with us!

Question: How should I best prepare for my upcoming party?

Send an invite reminder to your guests! Be sure to text or email this out including timing of the characters arrival and departure. Communication is key to let everyone know what time the character will be arriving and leaving. Hopefully they will do their best to be there for the special visit! 

Keep an eye out for an itinerary as well, reply back to us to confirm that all the information is correct! 

As you prep for your party, keep in mind the 4 party staples! Food, Music, Decor, and Entertainment. Think of your senses.... really... sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. I made a video talking about how to prep for your party! I'll link that here for you! How to Have a Fantastic Party

I know the video is old (and so is the logo in the video).... but all the principles still apply! If you need help with planning or need someone to bounce ideas off of, I'm happy to help with that too! Call 248-988-0049 and ask for me, Ally! 

Ready to start planning?

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